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   Savanna Storm Pergram

Congratulations to Savanna Storm Pergram. We wish her the best of luck in the future.


Savanna's sucess story:
Our website went up this month. So far Savanna went to NY, to film a scene in Central Park, for the short film "Three Wishes".
We also just confirmed a job for an Orange Juice Commercial, made for Small Discoveries Educational Television. She will shoot that one in Baltimore, MD on Sept 10th. We have sent in several others and are waiting for a response.

   Adriana Mastroianni, Jennifer Henderson, Eileen Leonard, and Ryan Wesley

Congratulations to Albany, New York, these four lucky people were chosen for an upcoming episode of
Law and Order: Adriana Mastroianni, Jennifer Henderson, Eileen Leonard and Ryan Wesley.

   Ashley Teas


Ashley Teas has recently been assigned to an ad for Dilliard's and Chanel perfume. She has also been featured as the cover girl for Panache Magazine.

   Kirk Fisher, Travis Brancel and Frank Mcdonald


Three hot shots: Kirk Fisher, Travis Brancel and Frank McDonald were cast as special forces troops in the new movie "Saving Jessica Lynch" for NBC.

   Summer Smith

Summer Smith was recently featured on the cover of Eye Style International Magazine. She also was featured in a twelve page spread inside the creatively laid out publication. Summer has been with us since 2001 and has been steadily climbing the ladder of success.

   Tori Wardrick

Congratulations to Tori Wardrick. Tori has started the year off with a bang! She is currently working in a national runway for L'Oreal and Sally Beauty called "The American Beauty Tour" The tour has already made headlines in Los Angeles and Chicago and will make stops in the NYC next month and Orlando later in the summer. While on a break from her tour in hometown Dallas, Tori was cast in the high-profile NBC made for TV movie "The Hub" Starring Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood. Tori played the roles of "Birdwatcher" and "Vacation Babe".


Hello Matthew,

I received this email at the last moment from this "ANGEL" who sent me on my FIRST BIG CASTING with SEXY HAIR CONCEPTS. I walked in their office and not only nailed the audition for SOAP TALK with CEO & FOUNDER Mr. Michael O'Rourke of SEXY HAIR PRODUCTS but was booked for two other jobs. On Monday 10-6 we filmed the before shots of my SOAP STAR MAKEOVER to look like Veronica Rowell from "The Young and the Restless" with the whole glamour thing from cut,color etc.... Remember, I was cast for two other jobs on Thursday 10-9 thanks to Douglas Little a director/stylist with the company I did a photo shoot for SEXY HAIR for a National Magazine for there new line of "Fresh Concepts" WOW! I had a blast.

Which leads me up to today 10-10 where the segment of my MAKEOVER was revealed on National TV with the company "SOAPNET" which produces SOAPTALK. It gets even better...I have another job coming up with
SEXY HAIR on the 20th of this month in Ontario CA with the company FANTASTIC SAMS which concludes my three mind blowing jobs that I was blessed with because of this "ANGEL" who gave me a chance. And because I've done such a great job according to the casting and producers of SEXY HAIR they want me to do 4 to 5 more jobs with them before the end of this year. ALL THANKS TO MY "ANGEL".

Thank You!

PS: I'm forever thankful.

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