Jennifer Janes


Standing at 5'3 Jennifer is proof that being "the little one" is nothing compared to being the one on television. She finished her very first job appearing in a television commercial for Carolina Healthcare. Since then the options have just kept coming for her.

   Cameron Hunter


Time Warner/Road Runner - Billboards, website, brochures, newspaper ads & mail outs, what do these have in common? Cameron Hunter. Cameron recently completed a Time Warner/Road Runner's print job. He will be featured in all of their promotional material.

   Micah Davis & Darrel Holland

A phrase all to familiar here, with all of the bad weather some great things happened. Two long rainy nights paid off for Darrel Holland and Micah Davis, after being selected by a local casting company for a television commercial featuring Smirnoff Ice.

   Ryan Hahn

Originally from Illinois Ryan Hahn is no stranger to modeling or the public eye. He landed a very impressive 12-month compaign for Chevy and CMT featuring fifteen different ads. Some if his other recent credits include; two uniform catalogues.
Ryan is a great example of an all American success.

   Phoebe Anderson


"A Diamond in the Rough"
New face Phoebe Anderson jump started her career with her very first job and cover shot with the Charlotte Observer's fashion editorial. Her latest project was Plastique Fantastique, a fashion show at Mythos night club. Her attitude and look sets Phoebe in a league all her own and we have nothing but the best hopes for her in the future.

Atlanta Shoot

An advertising company out of Atlanta, Georgia selected the best of the best for their most recent shoot. Newcomer Jon Mackey was a very lucky guy. Lead by three of the most experienced and beautiful models : Cathe Gardner, Summer Smith, and Lindsey Nagy. The foursome worked amazingly together in Atlanta and we have only heard great responses from everyone involved. Cathe has also recently worked with Target and is currently displayed in the junior's section of the stores.

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